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Community Events

Historic Synagogue Tours

More information about booking a tour of the synagogue are available on the Tours section of the website.

Jewish Community Events

See our calendar for opportunities to join hybrid services with the Helena Jewish Community as we connect to Montana Jewish congregations.

If you are interested in an event with a local congregation and do not see it here, please let us know and we will get back to you about availability.

Cultural Education & Programming

Chalkboard with Different Languages

See Stay turned as we continue to develop the cultural programming and education portion of our vision. Achieving this is not possible without donations and spreading the word



Featured Events

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Past Events
Select an event to see media or past event information

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(Not Affiliated with MJP, Ellen Baulmer is a historian responsible for much of the early history of Temple Emanu-El)

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(Community Event, Not hosted by MJP. We are an organization built on community and we use the opportunities to support it)

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