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L'dor V'dor

From Generation to Generation

We have succeeded in reacquiring Montana's first synagogue and returning it Jewish life for the first time in 87 years for the creation of a Jewish community center in Montana

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Temple, Helena Board of Trade, 1891.JPG

We Did It

On August 25, 2022, the Montana Jewish Project closed on the Temple Emanu-El building returning the building to Jewish hands for the first time in 87 years.

The past months have sometimes felt like pushing a boulder up a mountain trail. Without the incredible community support we received, MJP would not be reclaiming this building. Every dollar donated, every collection raised from a synagogue or church, every fundraiser held in MJP’s honor brought this, every volunteer hour, and every email sharing hope and ideas helped bring us to this
joyful day.

Site Maintenance

As we begin moving into the space, we are moving forward to create the vision our donors dreamed of creating in Montana with us. Please bear with us as we create this. We will inform you on social media and email when the site is updated and we can begin engaging with the community

Interfaith & Community Religious Support

We love to hear from our different faiths and religious communities around Montana and share their support publicly, view and sign below.

Stained Glass

Interfaith Support

The History of Temple Emanu-El and Montana's Jewish Pioneers

Temple, Helena Board of Trade, 1891.JPG
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