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Our Vision


Establish a Jewish community center 

  • Educational speakers and workshops to enrich Jewish life across the state

  • Coordinate with rabbis and congregations to amplify and enhance programming

  • Working outside the Jewish community to combat anti-Semitism and oppression of all people

Building upon tradition for future generations

  • Following in the footsteps of Temple Emanu-El’s founders to teach and live by core Jewish values of justice, giving, and repairing the world

  • Providing opportunities for Montana’s Jewish youth to connect meaningfully with Judaism and build confidence in their identity

Image by David Holifield

Historic preservation

  • Museum within the building to celebrate Montana’s Jewish history

  • Streamlined exhibit to bring into Montana’s schools to showcase Jewish history and teach tolerance

  • Working with public and private institutions to create a digital archive of Montana Jewish life, all in one virtual space

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